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Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced people. Who is ready to make your business profitable. You can definitely entrust your business to our team. Let’s know about them:



Hi, this is Mosaddek Ali Millad, the Founder & CEO of “GIANT MARKETER”

Mosaddek Ali Millad

I am Mosaddek Ali Millad. Founder and CEO of GIANT MARKETER. I have built this company for a long time with hard work, honesty, trust, and efficiency. That was not easy for me. I have gained and abandoned many things in my long digital marketing career.

I work with local and international brands, my team is always dedicated to making their business profitable. I want all businessmen to reach their threshold of success through me. Also, I am always training my employees with the latest techniques, so that they can also succeed in all projects.

I am working hard to position my company as a brand company. Hopefully, at some point, everyone will recognize them as a brand company and many businesses will cooperate with them. Along with that, the unemployed youth will be given job opportunities in the company through digital marketing training.

I want you all to support me in this journey. I will build my company as a brand company through everyone’s cooperation. So that I can help everyone. Can help everyone achieve business goals. Let me introduce you to my team.


Bariul Hosen

Local SEO Expert


Maruf Hossain

Web Design & Developer


Mizanur Rahman

Advertising Expert

10 R

Scott P. Gates

Creative Content Writer


Rakibul Islam

Social Media Manager


Jakaria Sarker

Link Building Expert

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