The Secret Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic | Tested by Giant Marketer

The Secret Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic, which many people don’t know. But it is a tested and effective method. By adopting this you can get unlimited traffic by occupying the top place of Google.

So, Let’s get started.

1st Step 🔥

  1. Click on Last 3 Month Performance of Google Search Console
  2. Enable Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Position
  3. A little below the performance data you will find the Queries, Pages, Clicks, Impressions, Positions tab
  4. Pay attention to which of your posts are getting good impressions but not clicks accordingly.
  5. Keep those keywords separate on the sheet,
  6. Now your task will be to catch them and update the content
  7. Keep tracking the updated content, see how it grows.

2nd Step 🔥

Search Console helps in keyword research to a great extent, how?

  1. Get last 3 months data (same process)
  2. Click on impressions, you will find many keywords where you are getting impressions, but less clicks,
  3. Interestingly, you may find many keywords that you haven’t written an article about. Then you are getting impressions or traffic on that keyword.

What should be done now? 🙄

  1. By clicking on that keyword, click on the Pages tab at the top, see which pages you are getting impressions from for this keyword.
  2. Write a helpful article with this keyword and link the new article’s anchor text to the page that got the impression for this keyword.
  3. Tracking your keywords and articles.
  4. Provide links to your new content by posting on popular social media, forum sites, and some quality foundation backlinks based on those keywords.

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